When compared to other molds, black mold grows slowly. Before the mold may begin to develop on the material that will be its food supply, it has to be damp for 7–10 days. It takes a few more days for the substance or surface to be completely occupied by the fungus. In comparison to other mold colonies, black mold is more difficult to detect due to its slow growth. In most cases, black mold can be found in places where water leaks are hidden.

Black Mold and Its Dangers Toxic black mold exposure can cause a wide range of health issues. Toxic black mold indications such as trouble breathing, mental disability, & organ damage are more prevalent in childhood, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems. Toxic mold exposure can be fatal in some situations. You may get a burning feeling in your nose, mouth, throat, and/or lungs if hazardous mold is found in your home and you breathe in its mycotoxins.

Potential Threats

Because black mold produces neurotoxic trichothecene mycotoxins, those who are exposed to them may have indications such as tremors, mood swings, & personality changes. Black mold creates compounds that weaken the immune system, rendering people more susceptible to infections and illnesses.

Stachybotrys is the genus for black mold. It grows on fiberboard, cardboard, dust, and lint, and is commonly found in places with pitiable air quality as well as a background of water damage in buildings. According to the presence of a water source, it can act moist or dry.

Removing the Mold

Getting rid of mold, particularly black mold, requires great care. You & your family could be exposed to spores & mycotoxins if the removal is done incorrectly, placing you & your loved ones in danger of respiratory damage.

Cleaning mold from your building is easiest when you use a proper chemical solution in a pressure washer. High-pressure water is extremely powerful and should only be handled by a trained professional to avoid causing any harm to your property.

Professional Mold Removal Services

Many painting & power cleaning firms offer this service, but it can also be completed by the homeowner. Blend one part mildewcide wash & one part bleach with 10 parts water in a hand-pump garden sprayer. Concentrate on one section at a time, dividing the area into manageable chunks. Let the wash rest for 30 seconds before rinsing it off with a low-pressure spray. Strengthen your remedy if the mildew or mold refuses to wash out. Some areas may benefit from a long-handled cleaning brush as well.

When utilizing a pressure cleaner, or if you hire someone to do it, be extremely cautious. If you haste or are negligent, it could have long-term implications on your house. In a rush to finish the work, homeowners and pressure washing businesses alike may apply too much pressure. This can lead to the paint peeling off the surface. Lines & grooves might be left on the surface even after the paint has been applied.

Pressure washing is one of our specialties, and our experts know exactly what they are doing when it comes to painting your property. While we are there, we can also clean your walks or driveways if you would like us to do that as well.


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