A ceramic jar with lid is mainly used in Pakistan and India to store pickles, salts, etc. These jars are manufactured with pure porcelain material. These jars are highly durable, airtight, and safe for food contact.

Ceramic jars are highly versatile. They are available in various colors, sizes, and designs.

The most common colors of these jars are white and brown. The sizes of these jars range from larger to smaller ones. If you want to store pickles for a year, you should prefer a larger ceramic jar.

Another interesting thing about this jar is its customizability. They can be prepared according to the requirements of the customers. Due to their extensive use for pickle storage, they are also known as pickle jars.

These jars keep the pickle fresh and safe for a longer duration. Unlike other jars, ceramic jars are not affected by the acidic nature of the pickle. For better results, you can place a polythene sheet under the lid of the pickle jar.

Besides pickle storage, you can also use these jars for decorative purposes. These jars come with very beautiful designs that can be kept as decoration in the kitchen or drawing room.

Reasons To Use Ceramic Jars:

Ceramic jars are widely used for food storage and other purposes due to their amazing features. The most favorable features of ceramic jars are as follows:


Ceramic jars can last longer than any other food containers, such as plastic and rubber. These jars do not go brittle with time. Their color remains constant for a longer duration.

You can reuse these jars for years. The quality of Ceramic jars is not affected by keeping them in the microwave, oven, refrigerator, freezer, or dishwasher.


Ceramic jars are known for their food-friendly nature. They keep the food safe and fresh for longer than other containers.

They are non-porous and impermeable. Due to this property, they can protect your food items from moisture, heat, and light. In this way, the taste of your food remains unharmed from these external factors. Unlike plastic containers, these jars are free from any toxic chemicals. They do not leach harmful chemicals into your food items.

While using a ceramic jar for food storage, you should select its lid wisely. Ceramic jars usually come with glass, plastic, ceramic, and silicone lids. To ensure proper protection of food items, you should buy a ceramic jar with a glass or ceramic lid.

Wide Applicability:

The use of ceramic jars is not confined to pickle storage. You can also use this jar to store other food contents, such as coffee beans.

Ceramic jars are also available with floral designs. You can also use these beautifully designed ceramic jars as decoration pieces.

Easy Cleaning:

Ceramic jars are highly stain-resistant. That’s why it remains clean for a longer duration. Moreover, you can easily clean these jars by washing them with a regular dishwater detergent. These jars are not affected by these detergents. The colors of these jars do not fade with frequent washing.


Nothing is as effective and safe as a ceramic jar for storing pickles. If you want your pickle to remain fresh for longer, you should keep it in a ceramic jar.


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