Sneakers are most people’s favorite shoes. That is why stores have different types, ranging from brand to brand. The Air Jordan 1s are a good choice due to the multiple designs. Some are the low top while others are mid and high. This brand is quite high-end and may be expensive for others. However, some stores or shopping websites have sales once in a while. They put up statements like cheap jordan1, cheap jordan1 for sale to alert you and join the sneaker family. After the purchase, here’s how to clean the cheap Jordan 1 sneakers.

How to clean cheap Jordan 1 sneakers

Cleaning is necessary, and how you clean a shoe influences its look and longevity. You’ll need items like soap, a cloth, a shoe cleaner, and a soft brush for this process. Note that doing it the wrong way will have more harm to the shoes. It influences the shoe’s cleanliness, longevity, and appearance. Here is how you should do the cleaning.

Soak the laces

Put some water in a basin and add a mild detergent. Remove the laces from the shoes and soak them as you proceed with the rest of the cleaning. You should always soak using clean water. Also, avoid soaking laces with other clothes, especially those that shed colors. If you do so, you will have to buy more laces, which is not what you want.

Remove excess dirt

This step is waterless to avoid spreading the dirt all over the shoes. Using a soft brush, brush away all dirt or mud from top to bottom. The brush helps remove any stuck chunk of dirt by scrubbing it off. Once done, use a damp cloth or wipes to clean any remaining dirt.

Water cleaning

At this point, the Air Jordan 1 sneakers are partially clean. In a basin, put warm water and detergent in small amounts. Dip the soft bristles brush into the mix and scrub the sneakers gently in a circular motion. Keep doing this until every part is all clean. It is also best to have a small-sized brush that fits areas the bigger type cant.


Rinse the soap and pat the Air Jordan 1s dry with a cloth. The ideal cloth material is microfibre since its soft and absorbs water. Pay attention to every part of the shoe in case any dirt is still there. The shoes should be looking much cleaner at this point. If not, you have to revisit the previous step for more cleaning.

Check the laces

Since you had soaked the laces already, they should be clean. If not, rub them against each other to remove all the dirt. Remove from water, rinse and dry before re-lacing the shoes. Ensure to air dry the sneakers too away from direct sunlight.

Final words

Always keep your Cheap Jordan 1 sneakers clean, no matter the design. Wash gently using a mild soap that doesn’t affect the material. Also, avoid bleach, tough brushes, and clothes. Keep them away from direct sunlight to prevent irreversible damage. These sneakers are expensive, so proper cleaning and maintenance are vital.


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