Decorations make a space look elegant and give a heartwarming vibe, and people have gained a lot of admiration for snow globe decors. These decors are a great gift for both children and adults. The accessory has been in existence since the 19th century. It portrays innocence, childhood, and joyful days. However, the snow globe has evolved and now has a lot of themes. You can get both a filled and an empty snow globe. The empty globe allows the user to fill it themselves with their favorite liquid, glitter, and accessories.

What You Need to Know About Snow Globes

Many details about snow globes are valuable, especially for individuals looking forward to purchasing empty globes to make snow globe decors.

1. Snow globe liquid

Most people have the idea that snow globes contain water. The already made snow globes come with water mixed with ethylene glycol antifreeze. Suppose you have an empty globe that you need to fill with snow globe liquid. The best liquid to use is water mixed with glycerin. The glycerin thickens the water, making it move in slow motion. Corn syrup can also be glycerin’s alternative.

2. Snow globe glitter

The fun of having a snow globe is all the decorations inside it. Glitters are one way of decorating a snow globe. If an individual buys an empty snow globe, they need to have glitter to add to the globe liquid. Some glitters will not give you the best outcome, like tinsel glitter. It contains large particles making it visible as it drops through the liquid.

3. Snow globe clumping

In some cases, the glitter in the globe may start clumping. That implies that the dropping effect of the glitters that makes a snow globe attractive will not present. The glitter clumps due to the freezing of water led about by unwanted moisture in the globe. A humidifier can aid a lot in the reduction of clumping. Also, avoid excessive shaking that can cause ice breakage and the building up of moisture.

4. Taking care of a globe

Like any other home decor, snow globe decors require care and maintenance. How much an individual takes care of the globe determines how long the globe will last. A snow globe needs to be always away from direct sunlight. That prevents water from evaporating from the globe. Also, clean the top glass part with a soft cloth to get rid of dust and fingerprints dirt. A globe will last many years if the owner adheres to proper maintenance and storage practices.

5. Snow globe refilling

Refilling may not be complicated if you have experience filling a new empty snow globe. It is possible to refill a snow globe as long one handles it with care. Just empty the old liquid in the globe with the glitters and refill with fresh liquid and glitters. Otherwise, some professionals can always help in refilling.

6. Snow globe accessories

There are a lot of globe accessories options apart from the glitters. Globe accessories can vary depending on the owner’s interests and taste. Christmas ornaments, Halloween ornaments, name or message engraves, and any other tiny accessory can look great in a snow globe.


Snow globe decors can last for many years without losing value or elegance. Therefore, investing in good maintenance practices is crucial. One can have a collection of snow globes with different accessories and themes.


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