The primary purpose of buying a pressure washer is to make cleaning easy and swift. Like every other machine, the pressure washer will not work properly if you do not set it up properly. In some cases, the pressure washer may even be dangerous to use if you do not set it up properly. For instance, if you have an electric pressure washer and do not set it up correctly, the water may cause an electric incident. The setup of a pressure washer is relatively easy. The pressure washer works with a pump and a couple of hoses. Two hoses are required for the setup process to ensure water enters and leaves the washer. The pressure washer depends on the pump to increase the water pressure to wash the surface. Therefore, the pressure acts as the scrubbing and rinsing power on any surface.

The setup process of a pressure washer may be easy, but it is the most crucial part of using a pressure washer. Using a pressure washer does not need any knowledge. As long as you have correctly set it up, all you need to do is press the nozzle and aim at the surface. Generally, there are two main types of pressure washers commonly used domestically and industrially; gas and electric pressure washer. The gas pressure washer is used mainly in industries, while the electric is used more domestically. Setting up both pressure washers follows the same process; all that is different is the power source. After setting up the electric pressure washer, you plug it, and it works. But with the gas pressure washer, you need to buy fuel and oil to power it. Here, we will explain how to set up your pressure washer appropriately.

Connect the hose to the pressure washer

Pressure washers work with water to clean any surface and item. Without water, the pressure washer is as good as useless. Therefore, the first setup to the pressure washer is installing the hose at the inlet to provide the machine with water. It may seem like an easy task that requires no effort at all. But connecting your hose to the pressure washer’s inlet is the most crucial part of setting up a Pressure Washer. With a bad connection, you may damage your pump. Your choice of hose also matters because the water will move at a high pressure, so it needs to be able to withstand the pressure.

Connect the hose to the water source

Once you are sure of your hose connection to the pressure washer, you need to connect it to a water source. Your water source can be a tap or anything, as long as it is consistent and there is no possibility of the water running dry. It is vital that you have a reliable water source because the pump may get worse if water stops getting into the machine.

Attach nozzle

When water enters the pressure washer, it goes straight to the pump. The pump increases the pressure and releases the water into the second hose that takes it high. The water is coming at a specific force, so there needs to be controlled to that force. That is why you need to attach a nozzle to the pressure washer’s hose.

Connect your pressure washer to a power source

If you have followed the steps from the beginning of this guide, you have successfully set up the pressure washer. Therefore, all that remains is to connect the pressure washer and run it. If it is a gas pressure washer, you need fuel; if it is electric, you can power it on. Before turning it on, ensure you have put a lot of water in the pressure washer.


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